Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eliminate ALL chemical contaminates from use, in or on your body.

Disease enters your body in 4 ways:
1) Eat it.
2) Breathe it.
3) Absorbs through your skin.
4) Stinking thinking..(stress, worry , negative thoughts about self or others... etc.)

Explore what is in your world. Discover those things that contribute to your overall heath and
 those things that contaminate your overall health.  What goes in your mouth, on your skin and what your breathing and thinking about.
These things are, along with diet and lifestyle modifications, the keys to keeping this body ouf ours from getting burdened by disease and not rendering our immune system useless.

We will negotiate the environment and poor food sources/processing, far better.
Reduce bodily stresses, injuries,  disease and slow aging significantly

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