Sunday, July 26, 2009

Natures Antibacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral Answer

RJ., a 76 yr old female patient of mine had acquired a secondary infection ( Clostridium Difficile...aka .... C-Diff) from a recent hospitalization. Diarrhea so severe, it too required multiple hospitalizations (3) over a 3 month period. Dehydration and malnutrition was setting in and reeking havoc. Protein and Albumin levels so low that congestive heart failure was at her doorstep. A tremendous strain on a women of her age and history.
Before beginning Vitamin Replacement Therapy utilizing High Dose IV Vitamin C, she had languished at the mercy of ineffective Antibiotics and Antifungals for 3 months ( Vancomycin and Flagyl )and the associated damage that they bring. ) In just 5 short days at home (2 infusions ) 3 days apart ...her most recent lab work amazed her Doctor. We( not traditional medicine) knew to re-established the normal flora in her bowel( traditional medicine never even offered her ) and restocked her body with the vitamins and nutrients she had lost. She was further burdened because could not make up her losses by eating, the body could not repair itself. It simply did not have the replacement parts. So now, in under a week....we have a different story to tell. Her appetite is back, stools returning to normal, and her energy is also starting to return.
"Eating will make you sick and eating will make you well..... what are you eating?"

RJ's body healed it's self, once the body had the replacement parts.

These infusions are designed to feed patients who can not or will not eat to meet their
Medical Nutritional needs.....Assisting the patient to negotiate DISEASE AND TREATMENT naturally....... 3 months of eating in a half an hour. Then the body begins to run like a finely tuned engine.

I have said it 1 million times..." You can't throw pills at a sick body and think that will work ...Restore the body first nutritionally ...then use Medication when/as needed. Then the outcomes are much more favorable to the survival of the Patient.

Monday, July 13, 2009

High Dose Vitamin C and Glioblastoma

I currently am treating 3 Glioblastomas ( Very Aggressive Brain Cancer)
All 3 are doing very well, all are successfully beating the odds given to them. The longest now is 8 months past dead*, not just suviving but thriving.

All 3 have had changes to the look of the tumor( less vascular, more fibrotic and encapsulated). One Surgeon said " it (tumor) , previously inoperable, because the tumor had the consistancy of Jello and they can't cut it out " . Now after Vitamin C , "it looks like it was irradiated, which I know you did not have ", and now is easily removable. Mr M., was previously told to go home and get his affairs in order that when it grew back they coud not offer a 3rd surgery.After several weeks of treatment the MD re-scanned Mr. M., and called him to say, "the tumor had changed and now was operable". The Surgeon was amazed. Surgery was scheduled and the outcome noiw has greatly improved. The patient negotiated the proceedure and the recovery well without much difficulty and without losing any time or function.

Mr. M., was off the OR table in 4 hours... out of hosp in 5 days and back in the office getting his infusions of Vitamin C in 8 days post surgery. All 3 Brain Cancer Patients have changed the look on their Oncologists faces by continuing to prove their prognosis inaccurate.......It may have been the Dr's perception, but it has not been the patients reality.........
Thank God For Vitamin C.

* Dead = Date MD told the patient when they would be dead by.