Friday, June 5, 2009

Killing Cancer is a Side Effect of High Dose Vitamin C Infusions

The 3 effects of High Dose Vitamin C Infusions for Cancer Patients Undergoing Standard Cancer Regimens ( Chemo/Radiation)

Desired Effect is to keep the fighter in the fight ( nutritional support during chemo/radiation)

Side Effect.....Killing Cancer ( National Institutes of Health 2005)..Assists in the fight .

Toxic Effects.....NONE...leaves the fighter alone and gives them the tools to negotiate the treatment and the disease.

Things to expect:

Increasing the kill rate of the tumors, decreases toxicity of treatments, increases survivability enhances quality of life of the patient by helping with their nutritional burden and promoting regression of disease and inhibiting progression or metastasis . In short ......repairs and restores the immune system, whose job by the way..... is to kill cancerous cells .


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

High Dose Vitamin C ( )Concept

Our IVC ( Intravenous Vitamin C) treatments are based on the concept that malignant diseases, immune disorders and chronic degenerative diseases WILL NOT manifest in a healthy body with properly functioning regulatory repair and defense mechanisms.

The internal bodily environment that promotes the development of disease is due to a combination of multiple causes and conditions, which persist and remain chronically active...even after removal of the disease the case of cancer , even after the removal of the tumor .

These remaining untreated causes are responsible for the high rate of recurrence and progression even after initially successful standard treatment.

"Eating will make you sick and eating will make you well...What are you eating?"

If you can not eat , these infusions can provide the nutrition and hydration that is needed to sustain patients as the try to finish chemo / radiation treatments (2wks after starting these standard treatments we see neutropenia, dehydration, malnutrition ,nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and more...). Each nutritional infusion is the equivalent of 3 months worth of eating a macrobiotic diet in 40 minutes. 100% absorption and utilized immediately to rescue these malnourished, dehydrated patients. 0 side effects.

Enabling them to complete their chemo and radiation, increase the tumor kill rate, boost over all survivability, provide immune protection and natural detoxification from chemo and radiation.. These infusions provide quality of life and as a side effect , it selectively kills Cancer in high enough doses . ( National Institutes of Health 2005)

Bariatric Patients( gastric by-pass , banding, colon resections, esophageal(swallowing) difficulties ...etc.). use these infusions to receive the essential vitamin and minerals they need. At IVC Infusions LLC, we offer these infusions in a comfy home-like setting opposed to going to the hospital or Dr's office .

A different kind of restaurant for those who can not or will not meet their nutritional needs by mouth........ Call for a free phone consultation ( 20 mins) 610-449-6600